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Background Materials on Corporate Finance

Ian Giddy

Workshop on Investment Banking
and the New Economy

Prof. Ian Giddy
New York University

Investment banks in Europe and North America face a change in the way financing and trading is done. How can they respond effectively to corporate needs in the new economy, to pre-IPO financing and the pricing and distribution of new-economy IPOs?

Advance Reading:

Schedule and Case Study Assignments

Investment Banking and the New Economy
Stern School of Business
New York University

TimeTopic Remarks
13:30-15:00Banks versus Bytes: Financing the "New Economy"Discussion of Intralinks case
15:30-17:30The IPO and Beyond: Pricing and Distributing New Economy SecuritiesDiscussion of T-Online case

Case Study: Intralinks (Please read in advance)
Assignment: In 1999 Intralinks, a fast-growing "dot com" company based in New York's Silicon Alley, was seeking advice on the next stage of financing its growth. What do you recommend? For additional insight see the Cache Flow
case study.

Case Study: The Initial Public Offering of T-Online (optional)
Assignment: What should an investment banker advise Deutsche Telekom about the pricing and distribution of T-Online?

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