Applied Corporate Finance: Spreadsheets
Risk Analysis
  1. Estimating Implied Equity Premium in a Market 
  2. Estimating CAPM parameters for a firm 
  3. Unlevering and Levering Betas 
  4. Estimating Synthetic rating for a firm 
  5. Cost of Capital Estimation 
  1. Model Chooser: Helps choose the right model for a firm 
  2. Stable Growth DDM 
  3. Two Stage DDM 
  4. Three Stage DDM 
  5. Stable Growth FCFE Model 
  6. Two Stage FCFE 
  7. Three Stage FCFE 
  8. Stable Growth FCFF 
  9. Two Stage FCFF 
  10. Three Stage FCFF 
  11. Capital Expenditure Estimator 
  12. Estimating Equity Multiples 
  13. Estimating Firm Value Multiples 
  • Return Estimation
    1. Estimating Cash Flows to Equity and Return Diagnostics on Project 
    2. Present Value Calculator 
    3. Valuing the Option to Delay 
    4. Valuing the Option to Expand 
    5. Valuing the Option to Abandon 
    Capital Structure
    1. Optimal Capital Structure with WACC (Operating Income held constant) 
    2. Optimal Capital Stucture with WACC (Operating Income allowed to vary) 
    3. Optimal Capital Structure with APV 
    Dividend Policy
    1. Analyzing Dividend Policy (looking at FCFE and Project Choice)