Applied Corporate Finance

Prof. Ian Giddy, New York University
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
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 0 Background Knowledge Time value of money
More on TVM  
The Motley Fool
Reading Reports
Lecture 0: Essential Background TVM questions and solutions
Corporate Goals
Corporate Finance and Investments The financial markets
Risk and return
Risk in the context of bond and equity portfolios
Beta spreadsheet
Industry betas
Lecture 1: Financial Risk and Return Risk
Risk and Return
2 Corporate Valuation and  Investment Decisions Industry data
Lecture 2: Investment Decisions Capital Budgeting
Side Effects
3 Principles of Corporate Financing  Notes on cost of capital and capital structure .
Examples: IBMfinancing.xls
Optimization: SAP
Lecture 3: Capital Structure Optimal Debt Ratio
4 Corporate Risk Management and Debt Design Corporate Hedging 
Foreign Exchange Risk
Lecture 4: Designing Debt
Form of Debt?
Currencies etcetera
Valuation Valuation and CAPM
P/E Ratios
The Fool's Method
Examples: Optika, IBMvaluation
Lecture 5: Valuation
Real options
Valuation exercise
Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures Value the Synergy
Defend the Fort
Lecture 6: M&A Time to Restructure?
7 Corporate Financial Restructuring

Introduction to Restructuring

Lecture 7: Corporate Financial Restructuring TDI Case Study | | | | contact
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